Why is Baobab Oil The Best Solution For Dry Skin?

Who would have thought that this furry hard fruit pod containing small, brown seeds could hold the secret to supple, deeply nourished, gorgeous skin? The baobab tree is a true survivor, able to withstand the driest, harshest desert-like conditions of the African savannah and yet live for thousands of years.

It knows how to take care of itself with its smart water-storage system so it’s no surprise that the rich golden oil pressed from its seeds should hold the secret to perfectly hydrated and moisturised skin.


Our BaoCare™ Nourish Tissue Oil combines certified organic wild harvested Baobab oil with natural Vitamin E and a light delicate fragrance made from an expertly blended combination of Lavender, Rosemary, Benzoin and Myrrh all of which are known for their beneficial aromatherapy properties. All these naturally healing ingredients have been carefully selected to do just one thing: work synergistically together to completely banish dry skin!

Baobab oil has a unique fatty acid profile with exceptional quantities of Omega 6 and 9. These essential fatty acids are known to maintain elasticity, soften and smooth the skin and naturally heal and regenerate new skin cells. Baobab oil has been clinically proven to deeply moisturise and hydrate the skin as well as reduce trans-epidermal water loss and it’s rapidly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue.

Use BaoCare™ Nourish Tissue Oil for:

  • improving the appearance of scarring and stretchmarks
  • very dry skin anywhere on your face and body especially dry elbows and cracked heels
  • for maintaining soft supple skin during pregnancy

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