What You Need To Know About Vegan Skincare

Did you know that according to google trends, South Africa ranks among the world’s top 25 nations where veganism is most popular?  In fact, these days the interest in veganism in South Africa is at its highest level ever.


Veganism is so much more than just eating a plant-based diet; it’s best described as a philosophy of life. It’s a way of living which strives to exclude all forms of exploitation of and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose and instead promotes the use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment.

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You may be surprised to discover how many animal-derived ingredients are in your usual skincare products which can include: beeswax, honey, milk proteins, collagen (from cows) keratin (a protein taken from animal hooves, horns and feathers), gelatin (a thickener in moisturiser from animal by-products) lanolin (an emollient found in moisturiser which comes from washing sheep’s wool) stearic acid (animal fats) glycerine, elastin, squalene and silk (silk protein is used in hair products and requires boiling the silkworms in their cocoons to extract the silk). Guanine is a pearly essence from fish scales to give makeup a shimmer.

Vegan skincare products therefore, must be free from any animal-derived ingredients which usually means being completely plant-based.  In addition, vegan skincare cannot be tested on animals as this goes against the foundational premise of not causing harm to animals.

Vegan BaoCare SkinCare


Because vegan skincare products have to find non-animal alternatives for their ingredients, they tend to be more natural and plant-based. Botanicals usually have many antioxidant, healing and cosmetic properties. Vegan products tend to have fewer ingredients, and often don’t contain irritating preservatives and artificial additives.  Having said that, a skincare product can be vegan and still contain synthetic ingredients and mineral oils so it’s always best to thoroughly check the labels.

In principle, vegan skincare can be better for your skin; it’s also better for reducing environmental damage as well as promoting kindness towards animals.


Not necessarily.  For instance, there is a plant-based version of glycerin, a common ingredient in moisturisers and cleansers, which sometimes comes from palm oil. While palm oil is technically vegan, its harvest plays a role in mass deforestation, affecting indigenous wildlife.  While this wouldn’t be in alignment with the vegan ethos of not harming animals, sometimes you may find plant-based glycerin as an ingredient in a vegan skincare product.

Similarly, vegan doesn’t mean the plant-based ingredients are necessarily organic either.  It’s possible for some vegan skincare products to use synthetic colorants and fragrances too so it’s vital to check your labels carefully to be sure it’s ethically sourced and organic if these are values that are important to you.

Vegan BaoCare SkinCare


The answer is YES! The entire BaoCare Baobab Oil serum range is cruelty-free, plant-based and vegan friendly  – look out for our vegan logo on our packaging. Our baobab oil is certified organic and all other botanical ingredients are ethically sourced.

You’ll find BaoCare listed on VeganSA’s website and we’re proud to be endorsed by the South African Vegan Society.


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