Welcoming our new BaoCare Baby Oil!

Your baby’s skin is so fine, delicate and soft, we know you’ll want to protect and nurture it with only the purest, most natural skincare.

We’re thrilled and delighted to introduce our newest baby to the BaoCare family: BaoCare Baby Oil!  We’ve been thinking about creating this new addition to our range for ages and now the time has arrived to welcome what we think will be a very warmly received new arrival. 

We feel as proud as any new parents! 🙂

Gentle, Nurturing and Protective Baby SkinCare

Our BaoCare baby oil is made with the gentlest plant-based ingredients, formulated with baobab oil, green rooibos, and other mild floral botanicals to give your baby’s skin all the nurturing, tender attention it needs.

What makes BaoCare Baby Oil special?

Your baby’s skin needs extra-special care and protection. We have researched and sourced the gentlest and kindest botanical ingredients especially for baby’s delicate skin, and we hand-blend every batch individually to ensure the highest level of quality and care.

Baobab oil is our hero ingredient making up 90% of the blend.  With its naturally high levels of essential fatty acids, just on its own, it has notable skin caring and healing properties contributing deep hydration, skin cell renewal, anti-inflammatory benefits and skin protection.

Green rooibos extract contains an excellent antioxidant, superoxide dismutase, which helps to boost the production of healthy skin cells and protect your baby’s skin. Green rooibos also has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, keeping your baby’s skin safe from inflammatory skin conditions.

We’ve blended this with Evening Primrose oil which is anti-inflammatory, calming the skin and keeping it supple and nourished with nutrients and fatty acids.  That’s so helpful for keeping your baby’s nappy area healthy and problem-free.

We then added Vitamin E and Rose Geranium, German Chamomile and Lavender essential oils, all well known for their soothing and calming properties. Together, these ingredients work in synergy, combining their mild and non-irritating skin-healing properties as well as creating a delightful, delicate fragrance just right for baby.

baocare baby oil

Our BaoCare Promise means you can be sure there are no artificial ingredients, additives, colourants or fragrances in any of our products. Read more about the BaoCare Promise.

How to use Baby SkinCare Oil

Use Baby Oil daily after your baby’s bath. Massaging this mild, peaceful oil into your baby’s skin all over is such a soothing and nurturing experience for both baby and mom!  Apply it during nappy changes to help keep the nappy area skin soft and well-moisturised.  Excellent for softening cradle cap, and soothing baby skin irritations and mozzie bites.

We’re wishing you many beautiful hours of tenderly caring for your precious baby. Nurturing your baby with a mild and kind plant-based oil is so sweetly soothing, it’s love in action.

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