Today, Be Kind

“Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible.”

Dalai Lama

It’s natural to be kind to those we love and care for. However, this blog is a celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day. Perhaps we show our human heart the most when we perform an act of  kindness for a complete stranger.

We think kindness deserves to have a day dedicated to itself because it doesn’t have the marketing PR that Love has. Love gets all the glitz and glamour, the spangles and hearts and shooting stars.   Kindness… well, kindness is a bit like the Cinderella of the story. Hard-working and humble, her role is behind-the-scenes, she feeds her friends the birds, she sweeps the hearth, she takes care of the little things that matter, she’s gentle, she’s patient and caring.

The many faces of kindness…

Kindness is how we express our care, our concern for the health and well-being of others, the creatures of the world and the earth herself.  Kindness shows itself in the smallest gesture of a smile, a hug, a hand held out to help. Kindness is gentle encouragement in the face of feeling defeated, it’s a comforting presence when you’re sad, kindness is a silent, listening ear for your troubles. And kindness can come in the form of support and help for those in need and in difficult circumstances.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed most of us to difficulty and challenges, and also to the extraordinary kindness of others when we were in need. Love is a verb and kindness is indeed, Love in action.

Be Kind. Put Love Into Action.

You may know that Ecoproducts, the producers of the baobab oil we use in our BaoCare range, is the founder of the Baobab Foundation, an organisation devoted to the conservation of baobab trees and supporting pre-schools in rural Venda villages.  

For the month of February (the month of love!) BaoCare will be donating 5% of all purchases made by you to our Pre-school support programme. In particular, we are raising funds to build a pre-school for Dambale Village. Read about our progress so far here.  You are very welcome to contribute directly to this project via GivenGain.

Kindness can change the world. It already has many times over.


BaoCare’s products are kind to the earth and to people. SHARE if someone you know would LOVE our all-natural 100% pure Baobab oil products. Click on one of the links below. #BeKind #BeBaobabWise

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