Baobab Tissue Oil Helps Heal Burns

When it comes to burns, it’s important to act quickly – even though they may look small they can be jolly painful – and they can easily result in scarring and you want to avoid that as much as possible.  Sarah burned her arm taking a baking pan out of the oven – hence the shape of the burn. It really hurt! 

Sarah immediately applied BaoCare Tissue Oil to the burn and continued to do that several times a day…

Here is the burn 2 days later – the shape is still quite clear but the redness around the burn would has lessened quite a lot.

And here it is again 4 weeks later.

Burns are notorious for taking a long time to heal and completely disappear, but you can see how it’s completely healed and well on its way to disappearing completely without scarring.

Baobab oil is excellent at regenerating new skin cell growth,  nourishing and hydrating damaged skin.  Studies show that deep hydration is key to improving the appearance of scarring – and in cases of burns like this, that’s just what you want – your skin to heal without scarring. 

In our Tissue oil formulation, we’ve enriched Baobab oil with Vitamin E and then added in Rosemary, Benzoin, Myrhh and Lavender essential oils (all known for their healing properties). Together, these ingredients work in synergy, hydrating, nourishing and renewing your skin.

Learn more about BaoCare Tissue Oil here. You can get it at any of these stockists or buy it online here.

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