Stunning Healing for Burn Wound

Samantha burned herself really badly with kettle steam whilst making a cup of tea – it took just a moment of not paying attention. Ouch!

She quickly got out her BaoCare Tissue Oil and applied it to the burn area.  Baobab oil has well known healing properties and is excellent for soothing burned, sore skin. (that’s why it’s great for sunburn too)

Then it gets to work helping to regenerate new growth,  nourishing and hydrating your damaged skin.  Studies show that deep hydration is key to improving the appearance of scarring – and in cases of burns like this, that’s just what you want – your skin to heal without scarring. 

Samantha was diligent in applying the tissue oil twice a day and 3 days later, see how much it’s already improved! 

By day 10, it was almost completely healed. Samantha loved how the oil absorbed fast and didn’t leave a greasy residue on her skin. 

And this is what it looks like on day 17 – there’ll be no scarring and it’s beautifully healed!

Baobab oil has a unique fatty acid profile with exceptional quantities of Omega 6 and 9, helping to retain moisture, hydrate skin and regenerate new skin cells. 

In our Tissue oil formulation, we’ve enriched Baobab oil with Vitamin E and then added in Rosemary, Benzoin, Myrhh and Lavender essential oils (all known for their healing properties). Together, these ingredients work in synergy, hydrating, nourishing and renewing your skin.

Samantha loves the fact that we use only natural, botanical ingredients in our range – there are no synthetic nasties of any kind.   

” I’m so pleased I had BaoCare Tissue oil on standby for just this sort of skin-emergency.  It really did rescue my skin!” says Samantha.  “I also love the fact that it works brilliantly as a skin moisturiser for all those rough skin places like heels and elbows.” 

Learn more about BaoCare Tissue Oil here. You can get it at any of these stockists or buy it online here.

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