Soothe Sunburn With Baobab Oil!

Think of BaoCare Baobab Oil as the multi-tasking mama of all botanical oils. Dry scaly skin? She’ll take good care of that with Baobab oil’s deep hydrating goodness. Skin irritations of any kind? Baobab oil will calm and soothe, deal with the inflammation and nourish and heal at the same time.  Sunburn? Baobab oil will ease the burn and reduce redness…

“After taking my dog for a walk and forgetting to put on sunscreen, my skin needed some TLC!

I applied this baobab oil serum from BaoCare – a 100% pure baobab oil from Limpopo and it is fragrance free. It immediately helped my skin to settle down. I cleansed and then applied the baobab oil and sealed it in with my moisturizer. Keep it simple and natural when your skin is unhappy!”

The Beauty Forager | Eastern Cape

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