BaoCare Tissue Oil: Rapid Healing of Scar

baocare tissue oil

Chaleen wrote to us to share how beautifully a deep cut on her hand has healed after applying BaoCare Tissue Oil:

“After playing with my cat (teasing him time after time…) I ended up with a nasty cut on my right hand. Worried that I would have a scar reminder forever (which I rightly deserved for teasing him) I decided to give BaoCare Tissue Oil a try.

I applied this lovely fragranced, natural tissue oil twice daily just two days after the incident happened. To my surprise only 4 days later I could already see a huge difference and my scar was almost completely healed.

Only 22 days after the incident and after daily application, my scar is almost non-existent! Not only did BaoCare Tissue Oil help heal my scar – my hands are no longer dry, and I no longer have cracked cuticles from all the sanitising. My hands feel well-nourished and much softer thanks to this miracle oil!

I would definitely recommend BaoCare Tissue Oil as a must have in your bathroom cupboard. It’s great to have on hand (pun intended!) for unexpected incidents like mine. It works wonders on all skin types and ages, and is safe for kids and babies too as it is 100% natural with no artificial nasties added.”

Chaleen | Louis Trichardt, Limpopo

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