Baobab & Vitamin E


Baobab oil absorbs quickly and is clinically proven to deeply hydrate & moisturise your skin without clogging pores. With its light, natural, slightly nutty scent, this rich amber-golden oil is suitable for those sensitive to added fragrance. May be used to moisturise face & body. It’s also excellent for nails and cuticles. Add a few drops to your conditioner to soften your hair.

The perfect after shave!

My husband is hooked on the BaoCare Baobab oil serum for his facial skin, applying it after shaving and also tames his beard.

Zarina | Johannesburg |Gauteng

Baobab Oil for Rosacea

I thought I'd share this for anyone else who struggles with Rosacea - for years I've had it on my cheeks (and more recently on my forehead too) - my nose and chin are currently my prized facial features. I've tried so many different treatments...creams, face washes, antibiotics etc. Then about 6 months ago, I started using BaoCare Baobab Oil and it is honestly the only thing that has ever made a difference. It has reduced the redness and swelling of the raised spots and it doesn't even flair up anymore during "that time of the month". Just putting it out there for anyone else who's losing their minds trying to find a solution!

Klara Loots | |South Africa

Liquid Gold!

I got a free sample with another purchase and gave it to my 65 year old mother since i have severe acne. I'm not exaggerating when I say within two days I could see a visible difference in her complexion and her skin was plump and deeply hydrated by the end of the week, fine lines were visibly reduced. I was so impressed with the results that I thought I would try it out on my acne prone skin. Lo and behold it worked like a charm. It calmed my acne over night and didn't cause any new breakouts which is what I feared. My complexion is significantly brighter and I believe in a month or so it could start to fade my dark marks. I've ordered the acne formula from the same company just to be on the safe side. It also assisted with the dry patches and fine lines.

Khahliso | South Africa |

Wow. This oil is amazing!

I'd never heard of it till I saw it on the internet and I'm a sucker for a good oil. I use it in an oil cleanse and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. It's plumped up my skin and my fine lines are diminished. I also used it for an overnight hair treatment and my curls were bouncy and soft the next day. A must for all oil aficionados!

Amy-Rose | South Africa |

Just started using this and loving it.

Using it mostly under my eyes and around my mouth and lips. Also on my hands too. Doesn’t feel too greasy and absorbs well.

Claire | South Africa |

I am enjoying this oil!

Super moisturizing without being oily on the skin. I can leave this oil on my skin for the night without adding my cream (as the oil really keeps the skin moisturized and no need for extra cream). I was expecting a different bottle (based on the picture I saw) but with the bottle I received I have to "tip" the oil out... it comes out easily though and is not a problem.

Kate | South Africa |

Better than Bio-Oil!

I have been using Bio-Oil for many many years, although I don't have anything negative to say about it but the Baocare Baobab Oil has made a big difference in such a short time! My skin is soft and subtle, it looks healthy and I find it absorbs much better than Bio-Oil. This is GREAT value for money! I will continue to use this over Bio-Oil.

Amy Abrahams | South Africa |


Love the way it makes my skin feel so silky! A definite for people with allergies!

Alessia | South Africa |

Very hydrating

Nourishes and moisturises skin very well and has lovely scent.

Ina | South Africa |

Absorbs really well

I haven't tried any other brands but this really works for me. I use it on my face before my moisturiser and its absorbs really well.

Verity | South Africa |

This stuff is MAGIC!!!

Really moisturising. I've noticed a big difference in the brightness and texture of my skin.

Nokhanyo | South Africa |

My skin loves this oil!

The oil is not heavy, not too rich, gives me glowingly smooth skin!

Tshego | |

Love it!

I use it at night on my face and also on stretch marks and I’m starting to see a difference in the fine lines.

Lucy | |


I really think this oil helps. It is light to use, works well on the face reducing fine lines and does not clog pores. It lasts well as I ordered it a while ago and am still on my first bottle. I've ordered a second bottle and intend to continue using this oil.

Ellen | |

Must have!

I truly love this natural Oil, it is amazing on my skin. It is obvious that your complexion loves it. A little bit goes along way!

Marí | South Africa |

Great product!

Love this product and can definitely see results on old acne marks on my face, need to get a bigger bottle next time.

Shwetha | South Africa |

Great product for mature skin

Love this oil. It is highly moisturising yet non-greasy. Will buy again and again!

JeanneJ | South Africa |

Baobab oil for cradle cap

I’ve been using BaoCare’s 100% Pure Baobab oil to treat cradle cap on my little boy’s scalp. Within 5 days the cradle cap was gone! I massaged a few drops of oil into his scalp every morning and then using a fine comb, gently combed the skin flakes off after allowing the oil to soak in. The oil softened the scalp which made it easy to brush out the dry skin flakes.

Teri Willson | Cape Town |South Africa

ZERO stretch marks with baobab oil

Throughout my pregnancy I used BaoCare’s Baobab oil to try prevent stretch marks on my breasts and stomach. The oil worked its magic, and by the end of my pregnancy journey I was happy to see absolutely NO stretch marks! I used the oil once a day after my shower.

Teri Willson | Cape Town |South Africa

Soothe sunburn with 100% pure baobab oil

After taking my dog for a walk and forgetting to put on sunscreen, my skin needed some TLC! I applied this 100% pure baobab oil from BaoCare, it is locally produced in Limpopo and it is fragrance free. It immediately helped my skin to settle down. I cleansed and then applied the baobab oil and sealed it in with my moisturizer. Keep it simple and natural when your skin is unhappy!

The Beauty Forager | Cape Town |South Africa

BEST Skin Moisturiser, Ever!

This is THE BEST skin moisturiser I’ve ever used! It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling deeply nourished and hydrated. I had very dry, uneven and blotchy skin, but thanks to BaoCare’s Pure Natural Boabab Oil I now have a golden-amber glow to my skin - no more dull and uneven skin tone! My skin is looking better than ever. It’s worth a try if you are in need of a good balanced skin moisturiser.

Chaleen | Limpopo |South Africa

Baobab Oil for Toddler Hair

I really struggled to manage my almost 3-year-old son’s dry hair. I tried so many different hair oils, from coconut oil to shea butter, but none really worked well. I was then introduced to the BaoCare Skincare Range. I started using the Pure Baobab Oil for Miles’s hair and it’s better than all the other products I’ve tried! Miles’s hair is now more manageable and looks and feels healthy – so no more dry hair days! Baobab Oil really goes a long way as it doesn’t have to be applied as frequently as the other products. I apply Baobab Oil to his hair every 3 – 4 days after his morning or evening bath; first I separate his hair into sections, I then spray the oil directly onto the different sections of this hair and then massage lightly into his hair and scalp. I find that it absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave his hair feeling or looking oily. Not only does the Baobab Oil really work, it is also 100% pure, organic, fragrance-free and perfectly safe for my baby! It is a multi-tasking oil that can also be used as a skin moisturizer after bath times, for rubbing on cradle cap and other skin irritations. Miles is now a very happy looking boy with lovely healthy skin and hair!

Very satisfied and happy mom | Johannesburg, Gauteng |South Africa

Baobab Oil: A Girl's Best Friend!

My favourite aspect of baobab oil is its versatility. I am a regular traveler and was constantly lugging around various cosmetics for my face, skin and hair. Discovering Baobab Oil revolutionised the content of my sponge bag, as I can use Baobab Oil for all three! It works beautifully on my very dry skin as a moisturiser, as well as as a bath oil. My face and skin have never felt better! Baobab Oil is highly effective as a hair product. I use it as a deep moisturising mask by applying it and leaving it on to work its magic for an hour before rinsing. It’s also great to apply just a touch to calm your hair on a frizzy day! Baobab Oil really is a girl’s best friend, and packing has never been so easy!

Touran Bristow | Gwanda |Zimbabwe

Red blotches disappeared in 2 days

I used this amazing product for a skin allergy. I have hypothyroidism which makes my skin very sensitive - I can use a new product today and have a terrible rash tomorrow! But this didn't happen, my symptoms have eased and the red blotches were gone within two days.

Lindie de Lange | Phalaborwa |South Africa

Baobab - it's a great all-rounder!

I love this product as a great all-rounder. Just like all the other serums in the BaoCare range, at first it feels oily but then it penetrates the skin easily after a while. I've used it for tick bites, inflammation and just general skin care. It's amazing! I would defiantly say this is the must-have product of the range.

Danielle Rathbone | Johannesburg |South Africa

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Ingredient listing

Adansonia Digitata (Baobab) Seed Oil (Organic), Tocopherol