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  • My husband is hooked on the BaoCare Baobab oil serum for his facial skin, applying it after shaving and also tames his beard.
    Zarina | Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • I thought I'd share this for anyone else who struggles with Rosacea - for years I've had it on my cheeks (and more recently on my forehead too) - my nose and chin are currently my prized facial features. I've tried so many different treatments...creams, face washes, antibiotics etc. Then about 6 months ago, I started using BaoCare Baobab Oil and it is honestly the only thing that has ever made a difference. It has reduced the redness and swelling of the raised spots and it doesn't even flair up anymore during "that time of the month". Just putting it out there for anyone else who's losing their minds trying to find a solution!
    Klara Loots | , South Africa
  • I got a free sample with another purchase and gave it to my 65 year old mother since i have severe acne. I'm not exaggerating when I say within two days I could see a visible difference in her complexion and her skin was plump and deeply hydrated by the end of the week, fine lines were visibly reduced. I was so impressed with the results that I thought I would try it out on my acne prone skin. Lo and behold it worked like a charm. It calmed my acne over night and didn't cause any new breakouts which is what I feared. My complexion is significantly brighter and I believe in a month or so it could start to fade my dark marks. I've ordered the acne formula from the same company just to be on the safe side. It also assisted with the dry patches and fine lines.
    Khahliso | South Africa,
  • I'd never heard of it till I saw it on the internet and I'm a sucker for a good oil. I use it in an oil cleanse and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. It's plumped up my skin and my fine lines are diminished. I also used it for an overnight hair treatment and my curls were bouncy and soft the next day. A must for all oil aficionados!
    Amy-Rose | South Africa,
  • Using it mostly under my eyes and around my mouth and lips. Also on my hands too. Doesn’t feel too greasy and absorbs well.
    Claire | South Africa,
  • Super moisturizing without being oily on the skin. I can leave this oil on my skin for the night without adding my cream (as the oil really keeps the skin moisturized and no need for extra cream). I was expecting a different bottle (based on the picture I saw) but with the bottle I received I have to "tip" the oil out... it comes out easily though and is not a problem.
    Kate | South Africa,
  • I have been using Bio-Oil for many many years, although I don't have anything negative to say about it but the Baocare Baobab Oil has made a big difference in such a short time! My skin is soft and subtle, it looks healthy and I find it absorbs much better than Bio-Oil. This is GREAT value for money! I will continue to use this over Bio-Oil.
    Amy Abrahams | South Africa,
  • Love the way it makes my skin feel so silky! A definite for people with allergies!
    Alessia | South Africa,
  • Nourishes and moisturises skin very well and has lovely scent.
    Ina | South Africa,
  • I haven't tried any other brands but this really works for me. I use it on my face before my moisturiser and its absorbs really well.
    Verity | South Africa,
  • Really moisturising. I've noticed a big difference in the brightness and texture of my skin.
    Nokhanyo | South Africa,
  • The oil is not heavy, not too rich, gives me glowingly smooth skin!
    Tshego | ,
  • I use it at night on my face and also on stretch marks and I’m starting to see a difference in the fine lines.
    Lucy | ,
  • I really think this oil helps. It is light to use, works well on the face reducing fine lines and does not clog pores. It lasts well as I ordered it a while ago and am still on my first bottle. I've ordered a second bottle and intend to continue using this oil.
    Ellen | ,
  • I truly love this natural Oil, it is amazing on my skin. It is obvious that your complexion loves it. A little bit goes along way!
    Marí | South Africa,
  • Love this product and can definitely see results on old acne marks on my face, need to get a bigger bottle next time.
    Shwetha | South Africa,
  • Love this oil. It is highly moisturising yet non-greasy. Will buy again and again!
    JeanneJ | South Africa,
  • I’ve been using BaoCare’s 100% Pure Baobab oil to treat cradle cap on my little boy’s scalp. Within 5 days the cradle cap was gone! I massaged a few drops of oil into his scalp every morning and then using a fine comb, gently combed the skin flakes off after allowing the oil to soak in. The oil softened the scalp which made it easy to brush out the dry skin flakes.
    Teri Willson | Cape Town, South Africa
  • Throughout my pregnancy I used BaoCare’s Baobab oil to try prevent stretch marks on my breasts and stomach. The oil worked its magic, and by the end of my pregnancy journey I was happy to see absolutely NO stretch marks! I used the oil once a day after my shower.
    Teri Willson | Cape Town, South Africa
  • After taking my dog for a walk and forgetting to put on sunscreen, my skin needed some TLC! I applied this 100% pure baobab oil from BaoCare, it is locally produced in Limpopo and it is fragrance free. It immediately helped my skin to settle down. I cleansed and then applied the baobab oil and sealed it in with my moisturizer. Keep it simple and natural when your skin is unhappy!
    The Beauty Forager | Cape Town, South Africa
  • This is THE BEST skin moisturiser I’ve ever used! It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling deeply nourished and hydrated. I had very dry, uneven and blotchy skin, but thanks to BaoCare’s Pure Natural Boabab Oil I now have a golden-amber glow to my skin - no more dull and uneven skin tone! My skin is looking better than ever. It’s worth a try if you are in need of a good balanced skin moisturiser.
    Chaleen | Limpopo, South Africa
  • I really struggled to manage my almost 3-year-old son’s dry hair. I tried so many different hair oils, from coconut oil to shea butter, but none really worked well. I was then introduced to the BaoCare Skincare Range. I started using the Pure Baobab Oil for Miles’s hair and it’s better than all the other products I’ve tried! Miles’s hair is now more manageable and looks and feels healthy – so no more dry hair days! Baobab Oil really goes a long way as it doesn’t have to be applied as frequently as the other products. I apply Baobab Oil to his hair every 3 – 4 days after his morning or evening bath; first I separate his hair into sections, I then spray the oil directly onto the different sections of this hair and then massage lightly into his hair and scalp. I find that it absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave his hair feeling or looking oily. Not only does the Baobab Oil really work, it is also 100% pure, organic, fragrance-free and perfectly safe for my baby! It is a multi-tasking oil that can also be used as a skin moisturizer after bath times, for rubbing on cradle cap and other skin irritations. Miles is now a very happy looking boy with lovely healthy skin and hair!
    Very satisfied and happy mom | Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
  • My favourite aspect of baobab oil is its versatility. I am a regular traveler and was constantly lugging around various cosmetics for my face, skin and hair. Discovering Baobab Oil revolutionised the content of my sponge bag, as I can use Baobab Oil for all three! It works beautifully on my very dry skin as a moisturiser, as well as as a bath oil. My face and skin have never felt better! Baobab Oil is highly effective as a hair product. I use it as a deep moisturising mask by applying it and leaving it on to work its magic for an hour before rinsing. It’s also great to apply just a touch to calm your hair on a frizzy day! Baobab Oil really is a girl’s best friend, and packing has never been so easy!
    Touran Bristow | Gwanda, Zimbabwe
  • I used this amazing product for a skin allergy. I have hypothyroidism which makes my skin very sensitive - I can use a new product today and have a terrible rash tomorrow! But this didn't happen, my symptoms have eased and the red blotches were gone within two days.
    Lindie de Lange | Phalaborwa , South Africa
  • I love this product as a great all-rounder. Just like all the other serums in the BaoCare range, at first it feels oily but then it penetrates the skin easily after a while. I've used it for tick bites, inflammation and just general skin care. It's amazing! I would defiantly say this is the must-have product of the range.
    Danielle Rathbone | Johannesburg, South Africa


  • Feels amazing on my baby's skin, it absorbs quickly and leaves her skin feeling so soft! I have been massaging into her skin after bath time every night. It is made from natural plant-based ingredients and safe for my baby's skin!
    Angelique | Limpopo, South Africa
  • BaoCare Baby Oil serum is a lovely new addition to the range! The spray makes it very easy to apply without using too much!
    Gail Maytham | Limpopo, South Africa
  • Wow - Baby Oil! Specially formulated for babies! This natural baobab oil line is fabulous - and I'm hooked!
    Vanessa Bristow | Limpopo, South Africa
  • I’ve been using BaoCare’s Baobab oil to treat cradle cap on my little boy’s scalp. Within 5 days the cradle cap was gone! I massaged a few drops of oil into his scalp every morning and then using a fine comb, gently combed the skin flakes off after allowing the oil to soak in. The oil softened the scalp which made it easy to brush out the dry skin flakes.
    Teri Willson | Limpopo, South Africa

NOURISH Tissue Oil

  • I had an operation a few weeks ago, leaving me with a nasty scar and have been using the BaoCare NOURISH serum on my scar since, to help fix my skin. I like that the oil is soft and natural, not causing any pain or discomfort. The scaring is definitely improving each day.
    Lyn | Gauteng,
  • I am using the BaoCare Nourish Tissue Oil serum for unsightly scars from an autoimmune skin disorder, named Lichen Planus, which I was suddenly diagnosed with a year ago. The results are amazing in minimising the scarring.
    Zarina | Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • When it comes to burns, it's important to act quickly - even though they may look small they can be jolly painful - and they can easily result in scarring and you want to avoid that as much as possible.  So when I burned my arm taking a baking pan out of the oven I immediately applied BaoCare Nourish Tissue Oil several times a day for 4 weeks and today my burn would has completely disappeared without leaving a scar.
    Sarah V | Makhado, South Africa
  • BaoCare Nourish Tissue Oil healed my serious steam burn on my arm amazingly fast. It was a really nasty burn and in just over two weeks was completely healed.
    Samantha B | Cape Town, South Africa
  • This winter my feet got extremely dry and cracked, to such an extent that it was often painful to walk. I did not know what to do about it until a friend gave me a bottle of BaoCare Nourish Tissue oil.  I massaged the oil into my painful feet twice a day.  It took a few weeks but soon my feet started to heal and now they are smooth, soft and supple.  I love BaoCare Nourish Tissue oil and now I keep a bottle close at hand for using on my skin whenever I need it. See fantastic before and after pics here
    Petra Jones | Musina, South Africa
  • My skin takes a really long time to heal. I tried BaoCare Nourish Tissue oil on a really ugly wound I had on my arm. In just 9 days the scar improved dramatically. I really did not think it would heal so fast! Thank you!!
    Louise Van Rooyen | Polokwane, South Africa
  • I was one of the lucky winners of a Baocare Product Hamper, and now I’m hooked! I don’t go anywhere without at least one oil in my handbag. I am close to forty and still have issues with acne, but BaoCare's Clear serum has truly taken care of that. I am also a mom to a 4 year old who fell on a rock the other day, I have been using the Baocare Tissue Oil and what would have been a very bad scar is slowly disappearing. Baocare is a part of my life from here on out!
    Tanja Viljoen | Conscious Life Magazine Hamper Winner, South Africa
  • BaoCare Nourish Tissue Oil is soothing and richly moisturizing. I use it every morning and evening and have noticed how easily it absorbs into my skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and happy. I really like the gentle scents of rosemary and lavender that have been added, they make me feel calm and clear. I look forward to trying the other oils in the range.
    Tessa Rayner | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • I rubbed baobab oil onto my stretch marks every day for a few weeks and the marks have faded away.
    Lynette | Buysdorp, South Africa


  • A special moment of pure unexpected luxury.. when you think your BaoCare Radiance is finished and you unscrew the top and upend the bottle and get a BIG handful to rub in and just enjoy.. much more than I would have allowed myself normally but boy does it feel good!! Radiance is such a treat!
    Sandy | Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
  • I have been using the RADIANCE serum as recommended for my skin. It has replaced my daily moisturiser as I love the silky feel my skin gets after using it. I also haven’t had any breakouts since using it which is awesome! I often apply it to my lips as well instead of my usual lip-ice. I have also tried it in my hair and have noticed a difference; it looks much healthier and lighter. Thank you for introducing me to BaoCare.
    Andrea | Gauteng,
  • The BaoCare Radiance serum works wonders on my skin. I’ve been using the sample as a moisturiser every evening and my skin feels amazing, soft and nourished. I will certainly be using this more frequently.
    Megan | Gauteng,
  • I received a bottle of BaoCare Radiance from a friend. I’ve been using it for the past 3 weeks and absolutely love it! I can feel how much softer, smoother and hydrated my skin is. I also suffered with very dry lips and have been using it on my lips for 3 weeks - I no longer need to use anything to keep my lips from cracking. I will definitely be using Radiance every day going forward and also recommend to all my clients!
    Make-Up Artist | Gauteng, South Africa
  • I was given a bottle of Radiance by a friend. I had never used an oil serum on my face before, I have only every used creams, however my friend explained that using an oil serum is more effective than using creams to reduce wrinkles and keep my skin healthy. I was a bit hesitant at first, but as soon as I put a few squirts of Radiance on my face, I could immediately feel the difference and to my surprise it was not even oily. Radiance absorbed quickly and left my face feeling wonderful. I have now used Radiace every day for the last 6 months and it amazing. My friends keep commenting on how fantastic my face is looking. I literally cannot live without Radiance and am so pleased that my friend shared this wonderful product with me.
    Dionne | Haenertsburg, Limpopo
  • I have started using this along with the Esse Lip and Eye cream and its made a huge difference! I am more radiant, my skin is clear and soft. It isn't greasy at all, it absorbs really well! I have been getting compliments on how healthy I am looking. Love this product!
    Amy Abrahams | , South Africa
  • This is a nice serum, feels great on the skin and 2 sprays is enough on face and neck. Been using it for a month now. No moisturizer is required over it even though I have very dry skin.
    Janine | , South Africa
  • I had really dry skin and a little bit of this every night has really transformed my skin for the better!
    Alessia | , South Africa
  • Love it. Keeps my skin feeling hydrated!
    Lisa | , South Africa
  • This is such an amazing blend of oils. I've seen so much of a difference since I started using it a week ago. My face is brighter and my skin feels hydrated. Not to mention, this product smells AMAZING!
    Getruida | , South Africa
  • I've only been using it for a few days and I can already see and feel a difference. Having a combination skin, I was worried that my skin will become more oily but not at all. It really feels hydrated. I use it all over my face in the evenings but in the mornings only under my eyes like an eye serum. A little goes a long way as well. Definitely going to buy again!
    Anne-Marie | , South Africa
  • I love the smell and I also love that you only need a tiny bit to get the job done. I sort of pat the bottle against my palm 5 or 6 times and that's more than enough to cover my face adequately, without leaving a greasy/oily layer that just rubs off on anything. I also want to mention that I've had a bit of flu, my lips were chapped and peeling, same with my nose and this oil helped soothe and heal those problems in a very short time (a day or two).
    Amanda | , South Africa
  • I was skeptical at first, but it does not feel greasy on my skin. I've only been using it for a few days and I can already feel a difference. I use it all over my face morning and evening and you only need a few drops to hydrate your skin. Definitely a good buy!
    Amiena | , South Africa
  • Delicate smell! It leaves my skin feeling supple. Love it!
    Lungelo | , South Africa
  • I use it on my face and it leaves my skin feeling soft. Nothing negative about it. It has a natural scent as well.
    Thobisa | , South Africa
  • It really does moisturise my skin well. I love that it is natural and not full of additives.
    Jo | , South Africa
  • What a fantastic product. I was given a sample and was so impressed that I bought a 50ml bottle for myself. I have been using it for 2 months and the difference to my skin is remarkable . My skin is velvet soft and feels great. Before using this my skin always felt dry , but now it really feels moisturised. Thank you to the lady who produces it!
    Mammi | , South Africa
  • Been loving this oil from BaoCare! I’ve been using it the mornings before I put my moisturiser on and it really does give my skin a wonderful natural glow and has helped with this dry winter skin! Baobab oil and Jojoba oil make the perfect match as they both sink into the skin like a dream. Baobab oil is one of those oils that can penetrate deeply into the skin hydrating the dermis (the deeper layer of the skin). Pomegranate stimulates collagen production so why wouldn’t you want to put this on every morning.
    The Beauty Forager | Cape Town, South Africa
  • I’ve been using Radiance for almost 8 months now and the results have been absolutely amazing. My skin has never felt so soft and silky smooth! I really struggled with oily skin and have tried so many skin products, but nothing worked. You would think using an oil as a moisturiser would make your oily skin worse, but it actually balanced my skin’s natural oils - so no more oily skin! I’ve been using Radiance as a moisturiser on my face, neck and hands every morning and evening after cleansing. Not only is it made from 100% natural ingredients, it is also free of artificial additives, cruelty free, vegan friendly and locally produced in Limpopo! I would recommend Radiance to anyone who wants soft, smooth and youthful looking skin.
    Chaleen | Louis Trichardt, South Africa
  • Just wanted to say that I am loving using your Radiance oil. It makes my skin so soft and seems to be dissolving my wrinkles.
    Sue | Cape Town, South Africa
  • I put my BaoCare Radiance oil serum on my face every morning. I think my life would fall apart if it did not exist! Radiance is so beautiful, so wonderful, so special and has helped so many people, there is beauty and wonder in that alone!
    Kathy | Louis Trichardt, South Africa
  • The Radiance serum has become my go-to night treatment - no other cream or serum makes my skin feel so hydrated in our dry highveld climate.
    Corinne | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • BaoCare Radiance is a great product! I find it moisturizing and very beneficial for my skin. Great moisturiser replacement!
    D Mayne | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • I have been loving using BaoCare Radiance oil serum on my face! And I've been receiving lots of compliments on my skin. So much so that I went and bought a number of bottles for guests who were asking what I was using! Thank you so much for a great product.
    Barbara | Louis Trichardt, South Africa
  • I love the BaoCare Radiance! I am usually hesitant of facial oils in general because I can have oily patches, but since using the serum, my skin feels smoother and much less dry. I've incorporated it into my evening routine and instead of waking up feeling icky and like I have to wash my face all over again, I wake up ready to go with no need to fuss over other facial products. Will be sending everyone I know to try out BaoCare products.
    Kelsey | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Wonderful Radiance facial serum! I saw and felt the difference from the first application. It is nourishing but not greasy and quickly absorbed. Plus a little goes a long way!
    Carol Went | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • While I found the oil very thick on the skin, after half a hour or so it just made my skin feel soft and gave it a light glow. I could also feel a slight tightening of the elasticity of my skin. I used this for two weeks and had no problems with outbreaks or clogged pores. I was a little bit worried the oil would make my skin too oily, but it didn't at all!
    Danielle Rathbone | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • I have been using BaoCare Radiance serum on my face and neck for a month and a half now, and I absolutely love it! I really enjoy that it's quickly absorbed with no oily or sticky residue. It works brilliantly for eye makeup removal.
    Joanna Ball | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • BaoCare Radiance with Jojoba and Pomegranate is honestly the best product I have ever come across for my skin. I LOVE it!!! I use it lavishly every night and morning and my skin feels radiant. It is a light oil and penetrates easily and my skin feels deliciously nourished. If I ever get a spot (this still happens at age 46), I put extra oil on the area and within a day the spot is gone - really miraculous. I have given BaoCare oil to my daughters, my sisters, my niece and many friends as you really cannot find a product better suited to all skin types. BaoCare is organic, natural and pure and smells wonderful and if you are looking for something special to use on your skin, this is it!
    Kathryn Straughan | Louis Trichardt, South Africa
  • BaoCare Radiance has made a remarkable difference: my skin is much softer and flexible and the sun spots on my arms are fading away.
    Kori | Levubu, South Africa
  • BaoCare Radiance: "I've noticed a huge difference in my skin and my friends are so impressed with how youthful my skin is looking!"
    Barbara | Cape Town, South Africa


  • BaoCare Clear is the only product that I've used out of hundreds of creams and serums that actually helped heal my acne. This is the best!
    Jessica Nell | Gauteng, South Africa
  • I received a sample of BaoCare Clear oil serum and gave it to my sister-in-law to use when she gets acne breakouts. After just 2 days she called to let me know that her skin was already clear from pimples and she could feel the difference!
    Matt | Gauteng, South Africa
  • My teen daughter, Raabia, has a beautiful skin, but recently developed breakouts from matric stress... the BaoCare Clear oil serum is her new BFF!
    Zarina | Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • This is an amazing oil. It reduces a pimple practically overnight.
    Kim | ,
  • Lovely oil to use daily in controlling breakouts and healing scars and redness. Love this and not greasy at all.
    Samantha Jayne | ,
  • Great smelling product! A little goes a long way - Helps keep moderate breakouts under control.
    Amy | South Africa,
  • It smells amazing and I can see the difference from just a few weeks of using it.
    Pascalle | ,
  • It is soft on the skin and smells amazing.
    Lize | ,
  • Love the oil, it doesn't aggravate my acne. I noticed it calming the existing acne and my skin feels great.
    Nancy | South Africa,
  • I started using this about a month ago and it's completely fixed my face that use to look terrible. Now I finally have clear skin after years of fighting acne. I would recommend that if you also want to have the same results as I did. Try to completely cut out stuff with added sugar, it helps a lot.
    R | South Africa,
  • My son is loving this product - it works and is gentle on the skin - will definitely keep buying it. He doesn't have acne, but gets the odd spot which is well controlled with this oil. My daughter finds the tea tree in this oil dries her skin out too much.
    Cherysse | South Africa,
  • Really kept my breakouts under control.
    Cara | South Africa,
  • This oil smells great and applies easily without using too much. It doesn't make me skin greasy. I apply it at night to reduce redness.
    anonymous | South Africa,
  • I recently came off the pill. I had tried before but I really broke out. This time around I bought BaoCare as well as Soil Rose hip Oil and wow! I didn't believe that my skin could ever look like this! My skin is very oily so I apply overnight and wash off in the morning.
    Linda | South Africa,
  • Love this product, it beats any spot treatment I have used, as it leaves my skin feeling nourished instead of dry or burnt. I used it every other night after moisturizing. It hasn't cleared my skin but definitely keeps any possible inflamed bumps at bay. 10ml has lasted me well over 2 months of use.
    TJ | South Africa,
  • It does not leave an oily residue, feels very light and works wonders.
    Phinda | , South Africa
  • This product is just the best. I have been using it for about 6 months now, and I must say, my skin has never been this happy!
    Lize | , South Africa
  • The oil took care of the stubborn acne spots and suppressed problematic outbreaks.. Definitely returning for more!
    David Melusi | , South Africa
  • The 10ml bottle has lasted almost 2 months. I have not suffered from breakouts/irritation using this product and I use it every day. It has also helped with the appearance of some acne scarring.
    Penny | , South Africa
  • Not making my skin feel oily or anything. Haven't had any acne breakouts since using it. I would highly recommend this product.
    Stellie | , South Africa
  • Bought this product for my husband and it works beautifully - his skin has completely cleared up.
    Lauren | , South Africa
  • It does help with the healing, less redness. My son likes it and does use it.
    Elaine | , South Africa
  • I've struggled with back pimples from my teenage years and well into adulthood. I've tried many things but this stuff is the first to really make a difference. I apply it every two days, it's oily but feels relieving and good. Within a week of use new breakouts completely stopped. I've been using it now for two months and my back has almost entirely cleared up, I'm noticing that it's helping with the scarring so I'm going to keep using it. Amazing!
    Carla | , South Africa
  • Great for treating hormonal breakouts!
    Francé | , South Africa
  • This has helped to clear my deep, cystic acne spots. I use this twice a day and it cuts my skin's recovery time in half!
    L'Oreal | , South Africa
  • Lovely texture. Super skin absorbent. Left my skin looking so radiant just after one use!
    Lauren | , South Africa
  • I have very oily skin and my skin in prone to outbreaks. I've had red inflamed acne for a little over 8 months and I was very skeptical about putting oil on already oily skin but I had run out of options. I've been using this oil for approximately a month now (only at night). However, I've only been consistent for a week and the results are unbelievable. It dries out the pimples without drying the skin on my face and my acne scaring has reduced significantly. This is a great product if you have acne and acne scaring.
    Admirer | , South Africa
  • Great product! really works on acne without oily residue.
    Robin | , South Africa
  • My acne marks are slowly fading in just a week of using this oil. I love that its a light oil, it doesn't clog my skin. Using it at night is best for my sensitive skin! I'll keep buying it…
    Thando | , South Africa
  • My girlfriend really struggles a lot with acne, even at 22. She has used everything and gone to every skin specialist. When I started dating her, I bought her this product. It literally worked wonders, but you have to use it everyday. Her redness has calmed down, breakouts are less and leaves her skin smooth. A very small price to pay, for something so special!
    Dirk | , South Africa
  • Works wonderfully for my teen daughter's skin. I love that it's all natural and nothing nasty!
    Edwina | , South Africa
  • I’ve been suffering with bad breakouts and acne this whole year. I came across this product, tried it and was NOT disappointed! My skin just soaks up the oil and it’s definitely made a huge difference in just one week!
    Ashlee | , South Africa
  • This has really helped my inflamed skin! Spots appear to be less red and sore. Love it!
    Duané | , South Africa
  • This is a great natural spot treatment serum for random breakouts. I use this whenever I get spots or pimples - it is very gentle, calming and soothing and really effective with results that you can see for yourself. The 10ml bottle fits in my handbag, making it convenient to have close by for those random breakouts!
    Chaleen | Louis Trichardt, South Africa
  • I was one of the lucky winners of a Baocare Product Hamper, and now I’m hooked! I don’t go anywhere without at least one oil in my handbag. I am close to forty and still have issues with acne, but BaoCare's Clear serum has truly taken care of that. I am also a mom to a 4 year old who fell on a rock the other day, I have been using the Baocare Tissue Oil and what would have been a very bad scar is slowly disappearing. Baocare is a part of my life from here on out!
    Tanja Viljoen | Conscious Life Magazine Hamper Winner, South Africa
  • I recently received the gift of a 50ml & travel size 10ml Baocare Clear which I won in a giveaway. And I can say it really works. Have gotten a few red sore pimples that have almost cleared and redness gone within a day of using this! Love it! Thank you. I highly recommend this product.
    Eve | Durban, South Africa
  • My daughter suffered from acne and we tried everything from antibiotics to Reacutan cream and it was BaoCare Clear serum that eventually sorted her skin out. She now has beautiful clear skin.
    Kathryn Straughan | Louis Trichardt, South Africa
  • I am 13 years old and have been using BaoCare Clear serum for six months. Before I started using the product I regularly got pimples. I rub a few drops onto my face, around my cheeks and forehead, every day and I have found that it has kept my face clear of pimples. I also love the texture and fragrance of the product. My mum has just bought me another bottle and I will certainly continue to use it.
    Hannah (13 years old) | , Germany
  • I love the new addition of the tea tree oil in the BaoCare Clear serum. My skin recovers quickly from breakouts and always feels so nicely moisturised! Best thing I’ve found for clearing my skin.
    Erin Straughan | Cape Town, South Africa
  • So good for that morning when you wake up to find find your skin has decided to break out. With this oil I really felt it helped so much with inflammation and the redness it went away within a few hours after applying.
    Danielle Rathbone | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • I could not believe what a difference BaoCare Clear made to my problem, pimply skin!
    Vhulaheni | Thohoyandou, South Africa


  • My daughter (3,5 years old) is slightly allergic to cow's milk (only). If she consumes it she develops a slight eczema on her knees, front or back. I have been struggling to find a cream/lotion to help ease the discomfort this allergy creates, as it is very itchy. My mom gave me the Baocare Soothe Oil and from applying it only once a day, it has taken a week and an inflamed, itchy back of the knee is completely healed. I am amazed and very grateful for this. Not only is your product a miracle, but the project that you are running is so inspiring. The way you help the women in the communities make some extra money and your tactics in trying to enrich the communities. I believe 100% in your strategy.
    Karlien | Haenertsburg, Limpopo, South Africa
  • I suffer with very dry skin and have been using the Baocare SOOTHE serum to try help – especially on my arms. In this cold, dry season it always gets so much worse. Nothing has ever really helped me although I apply creams and take Omega’s daily – I have tried several products, baby oils, soaked in baths, etc. The BaoCare serum provides me with some relief for a few hours, making my skin feel a little less dry and flaky. I will certainly buy more in future as it works for me.
    Travis | Gauteng,
  • Where can I buy more? The BaoCare SOOTHE serum has greatly helped with my eczema on my arms and neck. It absolutely works! I also want to send a bottle of the Baobab oil to my sister as she suffers terribly with the skin on her hands.
    Wendy | Gauteng,
  • The BaoCare was such a win on this hike, so lightweight both in my pack and on my skin and it just helped soothe all scratches and sunburn while on the mountain. The story behind the brand itself also is an amazing win in my eyes.
    Tayla Saunders | Womxn for Wild Member,
  • I will definitely be buying more of the BaoCare SOOTHE serum! I’m usually very picky about what I put on my skin, but I haven’t had any reactions to it.
    Jessica Glass | Womxn for Wild Member,
  • I used the BaoCare SOOTHE serum on my scars on my legs from the thorns on the hike (ouch) and it made a massive difference.
    Shona Hendricks | Womxn for Wild Member,
  • My son, Zaahid, has Down Syndrome and suffers from scalp psoriasis. The BaoCare Soothe oil serum is doing wonders for his scalp already!
    Zarina | Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • I’ve been using Baocare’s Soothe oil serum to help with my dry, red and flaky skin after shaving, it gets to work right away and helps to calm and soothe my irritated skin. It can be applied right after shaving and doesn’t burn or clog your pores like other moisturisers, perfect for sensitive skin! I’ve also found that it really works well for mozzie and insect bites, quickly relieving the itchiness, swelling and redness. On hot summer nights I rub it over my ankles, legs and arms and that seems to keep the mozzies at bay! A really great and effective, overall natural remedy to keep at hand for those unwanted skin irritations and flare-ups.
    Chaleen | Limpopo, South Africa
  • A few weeks ago I got stung by a bee for the first time. This BaoCare Soothe Oil Serum honestly healed it so well and its not even meant for bee stings! Will be keeping this in my cabinet as I know it will work great for any insect bites and stings!
    Vegan on the Savannah | Cape Town, South Africa
  • I purchased BaoCare Soothe (Eczema) out of desperation as I had a blister on my finger which was open and looked terrible. This product worked wonders on my blister and helped it to heal in record time. Thank you!
    Mariaan | , South Africa
  • I am impressed with how well this is working to reduce my eczema symptoms!
    Warren | ,
  • This is a great oil for any skin type. Works amazing on any skin issues even on sensitive skin.
    Marzie | South Africa,
  • My eczema is almost non-existent after using BaoCare Soothe oil serum and I've been using it everyday for about a month!
    Anja | South Africa,
  • This oil is amazing for eczema when used in moderation and over a period of time. I like to add a few drops to my bath water and soak for a few minutes. Great to have in your cabinet.
    Sasha | ,
  • Initially bought only the 10ml to try out this product. My son has very fair and sensitive skin, prone to eczema. This product soothed and healed severe eczema and regular application is keeping it at bay. Will re-order the 50ml spray next time.
    Melanie | South Africa,
  • Bought this for my boyfriend who has severe eczema. He has taken everything under the sun to help his hands, yet nothing has worked. This product works so well! We are very impressed! Cant wait to order more once we use up our bottle.
    TJ | South Africa,
  • After trying so many products, this oil took away my facial eczema within 3 days! Great for acne / inflammation too! So worth it and affordable
    Mickey | South Africa,
  • Received this as a 'sample' with one of my orders, my step father has severe Eczema and I gave it to him to try. He complained at first because he doesn't like essential oils but just a few days ago he phoned me and asked me to order him another bottle because it does work. He is a very picky person so coming from him, it says a lot.
    Tenique | South Africa,
  • I ordered this for my boyfriend’s eczema. He has a very bad rash / dry / itchy area. Since using this his skin wasn’t dry anymore, the rash didn’t disappear but definitely wasn’t so severe. We’re both very happy with this product - ordered the 50ml already. The 10ml was used very quickly. I suggest start with the 10ml to try out and see if it works for you and then order the 50ml.
    Genine | South Africa,
  • Highly recommended. Really good!
    Sandesh Elaine | South Africa,
  • I’ve been using Baocare’s Eczema Oil to help with my dry, red and flaky skin after shaving, it gets to work right away and helps to calm and soothe my irritated skin. It can be applied right after shaving and doesn’t burn or clog your pores like other moisturisers, perfect for sensitive skin! I’ve also found that it really works well for mozzie and insect bites, quickly relieving the itchiness, swelling and redness. On hot summer nights I rub it over my ankles, legs and arms and that seems to keep the mozzies at bay! A really great and effective, overall natural remedy to keep at hand for those unwanted skin irritations and flare-ups.
    Chaleen | Limpopo, South Africa
  • Psoriasis is, according to those who are in the know, an incurable decease. I have been suffering from this for about 15 years. They can’t say why or how it started and there is no cure. I was diagnosed after an biopsy was done. For 14 years I have used every possible ointment, cream or homemade concoction. About a year ago I was introduced to BaoCare oils and started using BaoCare Soothe serum. I'm delighted to report it has now been months since I had any flare-ups, irritations or outbreaks.
    Gerda Snyman | Tzaneen, South Africa
  • I enjoy BaoCare products very much. I use the BaoCare Soothe serum on the bottom of my legs - I tried everything I had in the house but the rash didn't want to go away. It was itching all the time. BaoCare Soothe came to the rescue. No more itching. Thanks for such super products.
    Martie | Conscious Life Magazine Hamper Winner, South Africa
  • We've been using the Baocare Soothe serum on my 11-year-old son for a month now and he loves it. We put it on every night before bed and he feels it softens and heals the dry skin on his shoulders and arms. The spray nozzle makes it easy for him to put on himself. I have noticed a definite difference in his skin and will keep on using it. I haven't tried it on severe eczema as his is mild.
    Corinne | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • I am 19 years old and have eczema on my hand and I sometimes get it on places on my face. I had a patch on my cheek at one point that was quite inflamed and wasn't healing. I usually use a certain cream that relieves the itchiness or stinging of my eczema, but it wasn't helping the patch I had on my cheek. A friend recommended I try BaoCare Soothe serum, and after about a week and a half the patch of eczema had completely disappeared! It is a gentle skin care product containing baobab oil that is lovely to use even as a moisturizer, and it has an amazing scent. I highly recommend it, especially for those who have eczema.
    Ella Greig | Cape Town, South Africa
  • BaoCare Soothe has definitely reduced the redness and dry itchy flakiness of my skin.
    Bianca Chael Ruegg | Cape Town, South Africa