The Healing Power of BaoCare Tissue Oil

Reach for BaoCareTissue Oil on those days when your skin needs extra love. The essential fatty acids in baobab oil are known to maintain elasticity, soften and smooth the skin and naturally regenerate new skin cells. Baobab oil has been clinically proven to deeply moisturise and hydrate the skin as well as reduce trans-epidermal water loss and it’s rapidly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue.

Which is why  BaoCareTissue Oil is excellent for very dry skin, scarring & stretch marks.

Available in 10ml droppers and 50ml amber glass bottles with spray nozzle. You’ll find BaoCare Tissue Oil in all good health shops and pharmacies and you can also purchase it online here.


Apply twice daily to affected areas.

100% pure and natural Tissue oil 

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