Fragrance-free Baobab Oil for Mums, Tums & the Whole Family

fragrance-free baobab oil for the whole family

Our 100% pure nourishing baobab oil is fragrance-free so if you’re sensitive to fragrances,  or have sensitive skin, this is the oil for you! Baobab oil is also perfectly safe for use during pregnancy and on babies. Great for minimising the appearance of stretchmarks, it’s also helpful for cradle-cap and to keep baby’s skin nourished and comfortable all over. 

In fact, our fragrance-free baobab oil with its innate healing and hydrating properties is so versatile, it’s suitable for the whole family, including mature skin, teenage skin and it even makes an excellent shaving oil. 

fragrance-free baobab oil for the whole family

Our 100% pure Baobab oil is part of the BaoCare range. BaoCare comprises skin healing products which are uniquely formulated with a blend of baobab oil and other skin-enhancing natural ingredients, carefully selected for specific skin conditions.  The BaoCare range is made from 100% pure botanicals and is free of all artificial and chemical additives.  You can learn more here


If you know a mom-to-be or people with sensitive skin who could benefit from using Baobab oil, share this blog with them by clicking on one of the links below. 

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