for spotty & oily skin


for spotty & oily skin

BaoCare CLEAR is a gentle, yet effective serum for skin flare-ups of all kinds, including teenage problem skin and adult acne. It will calm and soothe your upset skin, gently working to reduce redness, swelling, bumps and spots.

We Made CLEAR especially for you…

…because we know that the last thing you want is red, unsightly problem skin but at the same time, you want to treat your flare-ups the natural way using only 100% natural, pure ingredients on your skin.

evening primrose Image by manseok on Pixabay
Tea Tree oil

We have researched and sourced the best top quality botanical ingredients and we hand-blend every batch individually.

Especially created for its anti-microbial properties, this natural serum formulation contains high levels of linoleic acid, known to help balance sebum production in problem skin.

To make BaoCare CLEAR we first blend a combination of Baobab Oil with Tea Tree and Evening Primrose. We then add in Vitamin E and Rose Geranium, Clary Sage and Lavender essential oils. Together, these ingredients work in synergy, contributing their mild and non-irritating skin-healing properties as well as creating a fresh, clean fragrance.

Baobab oil makes up 90% of the blend as we believe the true value of the product lies with this potent, multi-functional ingredient, making BaoCare CLEAR an essential part of your skincare kit.

Our BaoCare Promise means you can be sure there are no artificial ingredients, additives, colourants or fragrances in any of our products. Read more about the BaoCare Promise here.

Tea Tree Oil

How To Use CLEAR

Apply twice daily after cleansing, use as a spot treatment on problem areas during flare ups. Once skin has improved, you can switch to RADIANCE or BAOBAB OIL for daily maintenance.


How to use acne skincare

Why I love CLEAR

I could not believe what a difference BaoCare Clear made to my problem, pimply skin!

Vhulaheni | Thohoyandou, South Africa

My son is loving this product - it works and is gentle on the skin - will definitely keep buying it. He doesn't have acne, but gets the odd spot which is well controlled with this oil. My daughter finds the tea tree in this oil dries her skin out too much.

Cherysse | South Africa,

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