The Beauty of Baobabs

Iconic and majestic, baobab trees have an unmistakable presence; they stand out, yet blend perfectly into the African landscape.

Known to live up to 2000 years, baobab trees take a long time to mature, taking up to 200 years before they produce their first fruit. The fruits emerge from extravagantly showy white flowers in December and take six months to grow.


The oblong, green-brown velvety pods contain baobab seeds which are cold-pressed to produce the wonderful rich golden baobab oil so prized by cosmetic products around the world. Each seed only yields 5% oil which is why baobab oil is so rare and precious.

EcoProducts harvests only 10% of the fallen fruit so that the parent tree is protected from damage and the ecology of the baobabs remains undisturbed.


Baobab trees can survive in very harsh, almost desert-like conditions because their trunks can store up to 75% water. They are probably one of the most water-wise plants in the world!

Perhaps that’s why baobab oil is such an excellent moisturiser and works so well to keep skin deeply hydrated.

We’ve created a range of healing baobab oil serums designed to meet the challenges of common family skin conditions ranging from very dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, delicate, sensitive skin, aging skin, acne prone skin, and protecting baby’s skin.


There’s a beautiful natural resonance in a tree celebrated for its longevity, providing oil which keeps our skin supple, healthy and ageless. And just as the baobab is able to thrive in hostile desert conditions, so baobab oil helps us to weather harsh environmental elements which dry out and damage our skin.

BaoCare taps into the profound wisdom of sourcing our healing skin beauty solutions directly from Nature.


April 13th is Plant Appreciation Day and we’re celebrating the magnificent baobab tree by including a pack of baobab seeds (with planting instructions) for you to grow your own baobab tree with every online purchase made in April.

Offer is valid until 30 April 2021.


Watch the video here on How to Grow a Baobab Tree made by Heike Panda.


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