BaoCare’s Eczema SkinCare Took Care Of My Eczema

“I am 19 years old and have eczema on my hand and I sometimes get it on places on my face. I had a patch on my cheek at one point that was quite inflamed and wasn’t healing. I usually use a certain cream that relieves the itchiness or stinging of my eczema, but it wasn’t helping the patch I had on my cheek.

A friend recommended I try BaoCare Eczema Skin Care, and after about a week and a half the patch of eczema had completely disappeared! It is a gentle skin care product containing baobab oil that is lovely to use even as a moisturizer, and it has an amazing scent.

I highly recommend it, especially for those who have eczema.”

Ella Greig | Cape Town, South Africa

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