Baobab for Beauty

Although the many treasures of the baobab tree have been known for generations, the discovery of the beauty benefits of Baobab oil is a relatively modern one which has created an international market in which baobab oil is becoming highly sought after as a cosmetic ingredient.

A recent clinical study has shown baobab oil to be non-irritating, hydrating, moisturising and moisture-retentive which makes it highly regarded for its cosmetic benefit.  So it’s not surprising that it’s highly sought after globally as a cosmetic ingredient.

“Baobab oil has very small molecules and therefore absorbs very quickly and easily into the skin,” says Nena Pruzljanin, a technology development and innovation expert in cosmetics. As a result, baobab oil leaves your skin with a smooth satiny finish without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue.

Most creams and lotions on the market today are water-based which means they also require synthetic preservatives, stabilizers, performance enhancers and fragrances to maintain stability and make them pleasant to use.  The wonderful thing about using botanical oils is that they rarely need any of these additives.

Baobab is easily one of nature’s hardest working botanical oils.  With its numerous skin-enhancing properties, it’s a multi-tasking virtuoso in a category all of its own.  Baobab oil encourages new skin cell regeneration, deeply hydrates and moisturises and soothes inflammation thus reducing redness. Apart from anything else, it’s a pleasurable experience to use this light yet luscious golden oil with its faintly nutty fragrance and smooth silky texture.

We’ve boosted baobab’s already impressive properties by adding jojoba oil and pomegranate extract as well as a skin-rejuvenating fusion of essential oils to create BaoCare Radiance; a rich, luxurious oil serum that gives your skin a satiny finish and naturally radiant glow.


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  2. […] botanical ingredients, carefully hand-blending every batch individually.  Radiance is made up of Baobab oil which deeply moisturises and hydrates but also absorbs rapidly without leaving any oily residue. […]

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