Baby Skin Conditions: Mum’s Go-To Remedy

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Your baby’s just arrived and is new to the world. It isn’t surprising then, that baby’s skin may take some time during the first 12 months to adjust from being cocooned inside the womb to being exposed to the outside world.

We’ve had many mums tell us that their baby’s delicate skin has been beautifully cared for by BaoCare’s baby oil serum and conditions like cradle cap, teething rashes, nappy discomfort and skin rashes, acidity rashes and insect bites have been treated quickly and easily within 24 hours.

Here are some common skin conditions to look out for when it comes to caring for your baby’s sensitive skin:

New born peeling

It’s very common for most babies to have some dry skin peeling within the first week or two after birth, especially if baby has arrived later than the due date.  The skin is normal underneath the peeling skin and all that’s needed is some gentle natural moisturisation.  

Erythema toxicum

Although this may sound a little alarming, this common rash presents as one or a few small red blotches with a white or yellow centre. It can be on the face, torso and limbs and should disappear by itself within the first few weeks. All that’s needed is a natural moisturiser to keep baby’s skin supple.


These are multiple small white pinpoint lesions often appearing on the nose and chin and are caused by blocked oil glands. As the glands open up and become unblocked, they should disappear.  Baobab oil doesn’t block pores so it’s perfectly safe to use on baby’s skin even with this condition present.

Cradle Cap

If you notice greasy, crusty, yellowish scales on your baby’s scalp, then it’s likely that your baby has a case of cradle cap. Sometimes this can even extend over the eyebrows, behind the ears and the neck. It’s very common in 3 – 6 month-olds.  BaoCare’s baby oil serum has been shown to be particularly effective for this condition, helping to soften and loosen the dry crusty flakes. 

After moisturising your baby’s scalp in the evening, use a soft comb or baby brush to brush out the scales the following morning. This can take a while (up to 3 months) to resolve, but daily application of BaoCare baby oil will help to speed up the process.

BaoCare Baby oil

Nappy Rash

There are a number of different factors that contribute to a nappy rash.  Chafed skin due to wearing a nappy gets further inflamed and irritated by ammonia in the urine as well as enzymes in the stool.  Because of the moist conditions inside the nappy, it’s easy for a fungal infection to develop.

Use BaoCare Baby Oil as a barrier serum, change diapers frequently and let baby’s bottom be exposed to open air. Baobab oil’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties will help to prevent any inflammatory skin conditions in the nappy area, as well as being a gently soothing oil which promotes healing.  

Some General Guidelines

A gentle yet effective skincare routine for your baby should include using a natural soap which doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, preservatives or additives and daily moisturisation with BaoCare Baby Oil after bath time.

Natural fabrics such as cotton and pure wool are preferable over synthetic fabrics as they allow your baby’s skin to breathe and not trap moisture. Also use a natural biodegradable detergent for washing baby’s clothes as this avoids exposing the skin to chemical irritants.

*With thanks to Dr Rabeen Lutchman’s article published in November 2020’s edition of Baby’s & Beyond.  

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